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When in season, we will be offering this great selection of produce for sale at the farm, farmers’ markets and events.  Order ahead, and we’ll bring you a custom basket of your favourites! Or ask us to custom grow herbs or veggies for your restaurant or catering business.

Call 519.261.0330 or email Bonnie at buy priligy paypal




Large leaf Italian (HL)

Siam Queen Basil (Thai)


Red Opal (HL)


Cilantro, Calypso



Garlic Chives

Garden Chives

Lavender, Munstead

Lavender, Old English

Oregano, Greek

Parsley, Dark Green Italian

Parsley, Mix – leaf Italian & curley


Sage, Garden

Sage, White

Tarragon, Russian

Tarragon, French


German Winter Thyme

Winter Savory



Beets – Red

Cabbage – Green – Copenhagen (HL)

Carrots – Rainbow Mix

– Scarlet Nantes

Cucumber – Market cucumber (english type) (HL)

Eggplant – Black Enorma Hybrid

Garlic – Porcelain, Music, hardneck

Kale – Rainbow mix (HL)

Leeks – Broad London



Green Salad Bowl

Red Salad Bowl

Rosemoor MI

**various mixed greens/micro green garden boxes available also with Spinach, Chard and Kale (POTS)


Melons – Watermelon – Sugar Baby (HL)


Sweet Spanish Utah

Ruby Ring Hybrid – Red

Spring Onions – green & red


Parsnips – Harris Model

Peas – Snap – Sugar Ann & Sugar Sprint



Cayenne Pepper (hot)

Sweet Yellow

Purple Star Hybrid

Lunchbox Peppers – (mini peppers) green, red, orange, yellow & purple

Heirloom Peppers

King Crimson – Red & Green (HL)

Lipstick (HL)

Sweet Chocolate (HL)

Hungarian Hot Wax (HL)

Radish – Rainbow mix

Squash, Summer

Black Beauty Zucchini

Squash, Winter

Acorn, Table Ace Hybrid

Buttercup Squash, Burgess strain (HL)

Nutter Butter – (Butternut) (HL)

Spaghetti Squash



Swiss Chard – Rainbow Chard (HL)

Tomatoes (POTS) all tomatoes



Black Cherry

Black Krim – large black striped

Black Plum

Cherokee Purple

Cosmonaut Volkov – large red

Druzba – large red

Gardener’s Delight – red cherry

German Stripe

Green Zebra

Golden Cherry

Indigo Rose

Japanese Black Trifele – plum sized

Jaune Flamme – yellow/orange

Morden Yellow

Oxheart – xtra large red

Reisentraube – large grape type, tapered

Rose – large red

Siberian Red – med

Violet Jasper

Yellow Cherry

Yellow Pear

Yellow Perfection – medium size


Jet (reliable red, sandwich type)


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