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                                                                                                            (P) Perennial

                                                                                                            (HL) Heirloom

                                                                                                            (POTS) plants for sale



Large leaf Italian (HL) (POTS)

Siam Queen Basil (Thai) (POTS)

Mammoth (POTS)

Red Opal (HL) (POTS)


Cilantro, Calypso (POTS)

Dill (POTS)


Garlic Chives (P) (POTS)

Garden Chives (P) (POTS)

Lavender, Munstead (P) (POTS)

Lavender, Old English (POTS)

Mint, Spearmint (P) (POTS)

Oregano, Greek (P) (POTS)

Parsley, Dark Green Italian (POTS)

Parsley, Mix – leaf Italian & curley (POTS)

Rosemary (TP) (POTS)

Sage, Garden (P) (POTS)

Sage, White (POTS)

Tarragon, Russian (P) (POTS)

Tarragon, French (POTS)

Thyme (P)

German Winter Thyme (POTS)

Creeping Thyme (ground cover) (POTS)

Winter Savory (P) (POTS)

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