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 Our Favourite Heirloom Varieties – available as transplants, or fruit! 

buy priligy cheapBeefsteak Tomato
Red; Heirloom
(90 days) Indeterminate. Pre-1916. The tomato that gave large tomatoes their descriptive moniker. This variety produces large, red, meaty fruit that average almost a pound each and full of rich, sweet flavour. Great for sandwiches, sauce and salads.





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Black Cherry Tomato
Cherry; Heirloom
(64 days) Indeterminate. The blackest cherry tomato available! Small, 1″ cherry tomatoes are a deep mahogany-brown and are produced prolifically all season. The flavour is typical black tomato – rich, full and sweet with a hint of smokiness.






buy priligy canadaBlack Plum Tomato
Black; Paste/Sauce; Salad; Heirloom
(80 days) Indeterminate. Another Russian heirloom, this is a wonderfully rich-tasting paste tomato that creates a beautiful dark sauce. Great in salads and snacking. The 2″ fruits ripen from deep mahogany to black-brown, and the plant is a heavy yielder.






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Black Krim Tomato
Black; Heirloom
(75 days) Indeterminate. One of the best black tomatoes. Rich, sweet complex taste with a hint of saltiness. These beefsteak tomatos are mahogany coloured with green shoulders. The slices are beautiful in a tomato salad. Yield is high. Water evenly to reduce concentric cracking.





buy priligy 60mgCherokee Purple Tomato
Black/Purple; Heirloom
(75-90 days) Indeterminate. Pre-1890 Originally grown by the Cherokee, this plant produces large (12 oz), dusty-rose coloured fruit that has a rich, sweet taste. This tomato’s taste is legendary! Almost every person that has tried it has raved about its rich flavour. A prolific producer, it is also relatively disease-free.




buy priligy priligyCosmonaut Volkov Tomato
Red; Heirloom
(70-75 days) Indeterminate. This is a very old Ukrainian variety that was re-named in honour of the Russian cosmonaut who died coming back from a mission. The interesting medium-large sized red fruits are diverse in shape and size. Excellent taste. Highly-productive even in cool temperatures. Endangered.




buy priligy usaDruzba Tomato
Red; Heirloom
(75 days) Indeterminate. (‘Drushba’, ‘Druzhba’) An old Bulgarian heirloom. It is a wonderful tomato all-round – disease-resistant, highly adaptable to a wide range of growing conditions, and a heavy producer of 8 oz. dark red, blemish free fruits that have a sweet-yet-tart flavour.






buy priligy online ukGardener’s Delight
Red Cherry, Heirloom
(68 Days) Indeterminate. This is one of the parents of the popular hybrid Sweet 100. Productive plants are covered in clusters of deep red, 2.5 cm, crack resistant cherries. Great for containers.








buy priligy ukGerman Stripe Tomato
Yellow/Red Stripe; Heirloom
(78 days) Indeterminate. Large, 0.5 -1 kg tomatoes are slightly flattened and striped with red and yellow. The interior flesh is also marbled with red and yellow and looks beautiful sliced and fanned out on a plate. Flavour is complex with a pronounced fruitiness and the texture is smooth. Low Acid





purchase priligyGreen Zebra Tomato
Striped; Rare; Heirloom
(77 Days) Semi-determinate. This tomato is known for its outstanding flavour – sweet yet zingy – and its color – shades of yellow & green, with darker green stripes. Perfect in salads. Heavy yielding, blemish free, tennis ball sized fruit. Sure to be a favourite!





viagra priligy online purchaseGolden Cherry Tomato
Orange/Yellow; Heirloom
(63 days) Indeterminate. Sweet and addictive. These little yellow tomatoes probably wouldn’t make it in from the garden except for the fact that there are so many of them you can’t eat them all at once. Sprinkle them on salads or pasta, or partially dry them like raisins for prolonged snacking pleasure.





priligy online purchase in indiaIndigo Rose Tomato
Cherry; Purple/Black; Heirloom
(80 days) Indeterminate. Purple-black tomato that contains the antioxidant anthocyanin in its flesh. Vigorous plants produce loads of saladette-sized tomatoes in clusters of 6 to 8. The fruit is really tasty, on the tangy side but with a healthy dose of sweetness. Pick when the green patch at the bottom of the fruit turns red. Delightful.



purchase priligy onlineJapanese Black Trifele Tomato
Black/Purple; Heirloom
80 days. Indeterminate. A Russian heirloom, despite the name, that is highly-prized in Russia. Gorgeous, smooth, 6 oz, deep-mahogany fruits are distinctly pear-shaped with green shoulders, meaty yet juicy with an incredible taste. Produces prolifically. Best harvested when shoulders are still green.






priligy purchase in indiaJaune Flamme Tomato
Cherry; Rare; Heirloom
(70 – 80 days) Indeterminate. A beautiful heirloom from France, this variety is unique in its colouring – a bright orange skin and a reddish-orange interior. The contrast is very beautiful on a salad plate. The fruit grow in clusters of about six, and are produced abundantly.





priligy purchase ukMorden Yellow Tomato
Yellow; Heirloom
(65 days) Determinate. A Canadian tomato, bred for short season areas at the Morden Experimental Station in Manitoba in 1950, this is an early producer of heavy yields of bright yellow, round tomatoes that are juicy and mildly sweet. This tomato keeps producing for a long period, which is unusual for a determinate tomato, making it perfect for small gardens.



cheap priligy priligyOxheart Tomato
Red/Pink; Heirloom
(80 days) Indeterminate. Introduced in 1925, this meaty tomato is a deep rose-red with few seeds and a sweet, mild flavour. The medium-sized fruits are borne in clusters of 2-5. Good for fresh eating or making sauce.







buy cheap priligy ukRiesentraube Tomato
Red; Large grape shaped; Heirloom
(75-80 days) Indeterminate. German heirloom grown in North America by the Pennsylvania Dutch as early as 1856. The sweet red 1-oz fruit grow in large clusters, and the name means “Giant Bunch of Grapes” in German. They ripen in clusters of 30-50. Extremely productive.





sildenafil priligy cheapRose Tomato
Red; Heirloom
(78 days) Indeterminate. Deep pink, meaty slicers that rival the popular Brandywine for flavour. 1/2 kg. fruits are smooth with very little cracking for a large heirloom tomato. Vigorous and productive. Rose is always up there in the top three when we conduct taste tests.





buy cheap priligySiberian Red Tomato
Red; Heirloom
(70 days) Semi-determinate. This Russian heirloom sets fruit even in cool weather. It produces early in the season and continues late into the fall when many other tomatoes have given up. Sturdy, plants produce heavy yields of brilliant red tomatoes that have excellent flavour.





cheap priligyViolet Jasper
Plum-sized; Striped; Heirloom
(73 days) Indeterminate. One of the most beautiful little tomatoes. Productive plants just keeping pumping out bushels full until frost puts a stop to it. Salad-sized fruit are about the size of a lime and are purple streaked with bright green stripes. Absolutely gorgeous. The skin can be a little tough but makes them great for grilling or the BBQ.




cheap viagra with priligyYellow Cherry Tomato
Cherry, Heirloom
(77 Days) Indeterminate. This small cherry tomato is bright yellow, incredibly sweet, very prolific and a reliable producer.








cheap priligy onlineYellow Pear Tomato
Grape-sized; Heirloom
(70 – 80 days) Indeteminate. 1805. One of the oldest cultivated tomatoes. You’ll love this one’s taste and appearance – unusuaL, tiny pear-shaped fruits that are a brilliant yellow colour and have an excellent sweet taste. Perfect for eating on the spot or for salads.

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