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Welcome to our Native Plant & Wildflower List

We pride ourselves on our selection of native species to southern ontario propagated here at our nursery with seed collected on our property, locally, or within the Great Lakes Region in an ecologically sustainable manner.

Below you’ll find our catalogue in PDF format along with photo species cards that you can browse. We divided them into sections for Herbacous, Grasses, Sedges & Shrubs.

With all the news of declining bee, butterfly and other pollinator populations, it’s more important than ever to incorporate native species into our landscapes – some species very existence depend on it! Given enough lead-time, we are able to supply appropriate species for any sized project.

For custom or large orders and contract growing please enquire for discount pricing.

Contact Bonnie today to quote on your project. 519.261.0330, buy priligy


2016 Native Plant Catalogue in PDF

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