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We are a plant nursery and market garden farm in Mount Forest, Ontario specializing in growing over 80 species of Native Plants, over 20 varieties of heirloom tomato transplants and other vegetables and cut flowers too.

Buy your seedlings direct from the grower, retail or wholesale OR just come when the veggies are ready!

We also grow lots of flowers for cut flowers. Wholesale or retail. We take orders for custom arrangements too!

We attend Farmers’ Markets and events, so you can easily access our high quality plants, floral arrangements and vegetables.

– All sustainably grown without pesticides or herbicides – the natural choice!

You can find our Native Plant species lists, photos and catalogues, plus our veggie list including our great selection of heirloom tomatoes under their respective menus. 

You can contact us via email at or by phone at 519.261.0330 for more information.

Stay tuned!

Thx Bonnie


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